Self-Storage companies are a target for thieves, ready to make security simple?

No property manager likes thinking about their security problems—the issues you face aren’t light.

  • How do you handle homeless vagrants who break in to find shelter?

  • What about thieves stealing your client’s property and dinging your reputation at the same time?

  • And concerns for the safety of you employees? Any harm that might come to them is one of your top concerns.

  • Plus, addressing the overall costs of risk and future mitigation can be a burden.

What if there was a way to remove the weight of it all? Well, that’s why we created Secyre. ​


Why is security so hard?

Right now there are very few solutions available to protect self-storage facilities at an affordable price. Neither security companies nor police departments can adequately provide rapid responses to threats—and criminals love that, breaking into your customers’ storage units, taking what they want and leaving.

Just tell me
what it is.

Secyre is an app you can easily download on your smartphone and it exists to provide a cost-effective way to close the gap in the security industry with on-demand, preventative security.

Can you really make my security simple?

Yes. Our end-to-end solution hooks you up with real-time security alerts that go to real life security guards who are on call arriving as quickly as possible when there’s a sign of a security problem. And you control it all in the palm of your hand—wherever you are.


There’s no need to avoid dealing with or thinking about security. Not when you Secyre it!


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